Monday, November 18, 2013

Luna Sandals OSO Review and Giveaway

I have been testing  this sandal for over a year and a half. 
Now it can be yours!
Maybe you won't even have to pay for it?
"Oh La La!"
Luna Sandals is giving away one free pair of OSO's and all you have to do is donate one of your possessions to someone in need and tell me about it for your chance to win.
Pretty cool Huh?
(more on this after the review)
Attention Gringos: OSO mean's bear in Spanish
The opinions expressed in this review are based on my own Lunacy and not influenced by the benevolent monkeys at Luna Sandals.
I live at the beach. I have passion for running  and I love running races.  In my day to today life I hardly ever wear shoes.
But when being barefoot is not an option and I have to wear somthing
 I choose Luna Sandals.

You could try and make your own?
Or you could buy cheaper as seen on T.V gimmicky imitations?
 I have a pair and wearing them feels like I have dead layer of skin from a popped blister hanging off my foot.
Luna Venado pictured
Make the wise choice.
Don't be this guy ever again
Try the Sandal that has  participated more Ultra marathons (OVER 200) and won more races than all other sandal companies combined!
 While wearing my Luna's I have never been stung by a bee.
 Ingenious marketing I know :) 
At least a couple times a year I step on bee barefoot.
(Poor Bee's) 

Maybe I should do some actual reviewing?
Early OSO prototype with a simplified lace after about 500 miles of running.

The grip of Luna OSO is second to none
At the Leadville 100 this year I saw people in Hoka's falling on their ass left and right. Never once did I feel unsure of my footing. In fact the Luna Oso sandal is more than enough sandal for most of my needs.
And check this out: For all those people that have heel slippage problems the new OSO comes with a removable bonus strap for the most secure fit ever offered by Luna Sandals.

Is the OSO Right for you?
 Do you like climbing very tall Mountains.
Trotting through the Copper Canyons of  Mexico?
Enjoying a view usually reserved for Lava  and Pterodactyls?
Running a 100 miles on a days notice
2012 Chimera 100 miler 21:28
A person who likes to embrace their own Lunacy?
If you'd like this to be you next year?
Where will  the Luna OSO take you?

Luna sandals now offers 3 sandals that I love. which serve three different purposes.
The Venado
Luna's lightest and thinnest sandal it is built for speed and molds to your foot like no other.  It is my number one choice of footwear for road races, easy trails and casual wear.
A little thicker than the Venado with added grip but still very light. Perfect for just about anything and ideal for people that want a little  more cushion.
When the trail ends and you wanna keep on going.

How To Win
 A Pair of Luna OSO Sandals?
To enter all you have to do is give one of your possessions to someone in need and then post a comment telling me what you gave away. 

What you say you you want to give away more than one possession?
"Well I think that's freaking fantastic"

Come back once a day and tell me all the crap (I mean cool stuff you) you have given away  and each time you will earn another entry.

The winner will be randomly picked at random at the end of the month
The deed that I deem to be the most generous will also receive a free Luna Bandito.
If the winner is located outside the United states they may need to pay for postage to claim their prize.
 No need to wait and see if you won a pair before Purchasing.  If you are  the winner of this contest and have already purchased a pair of Luna OSO's with in the last 30 days Luna will will refund your money   and send you a free Luna Bandito.

Good Luck 


  1. While I was going to do this even before I saw this contest, the chance to win the Oso's got my butt in gear and motivated me to actually do it! I just donated a pair of running shoes and about 10-11 different shirts to a local charity (similar to the Salvation Army) that gives clothing to people in the Southeast Michigan region who are in need.

    I also donated some blood and sweat to my local trail last weekend on a sick trail run, but I don't think that counts. :)

    1. Is this THE Dylan Graves...PR surfer extraordinaire?

  2. I donated my 1.5 yr old MacBook Air to a friend in San Diego who is disabled. She had another laptop that was old and dying and virtually all of her social life is online.

  3. This is a way cool idea for a giveaway. This probably shouldn't count, cause it's from a few weeks ago, but I posted this donation on Facebook:

    I just gave away our balance bike [bike for toddlers, no pedals, they push with their feet] to an acquaintance who loves to bike and has an almost-2-year-old.

    I pulled it out of the bike pile on the porch, eyed the visible wear on the tires, the busted bell, the scratches on the paint. Did a quick calculation and concluded Karl had put at least 500 miles on it, singlehandedly. "It's perfect!" my friend said. "How much do you want for it?" "If you think he'll ride it," I said, "take it. I hope he has an awesome birthday."

    So fun to think of another happy toddler bombing around the neighborhood on our little green bike.

  4. What a great idea! I donated 71 books to our local public library! I'm a bit of a book hoarder and its always a heart-wrenching exercise to thin out my overflowing bookshelves. However, your post inspired me to pass these pre-loved books to our library, rather than taking them to the used bookstore where I would normally receive credit for them towards further book purchases....although "Born to Run" and "On the Wings of Mercury" are staying put!

    1. Oops! I forgot to add, our public library is currently raising funds to was built in 1965 and needs some drastic upgrades...any donated books that don't make it onto the library shelves are sold on discount tables in local grocery stores and the proceeds go to the Moses Lake Friends of the Library non-profit organization to aid in funding the library expansion.

  5. I gathered my families old jackets and gave them to a center for families in need. We think that is very important with winter moving in fast. I also give my lunch away every moday to a homeless man, it helps us both at the same time!


  6. A few days ago I started giving away all kinds of stuff I haven't used for a while. Yesterday I gave my Osprey messenger bag to a fellow student as his old bag was ripped apart and I keep on using my backpack. I gave a running tight to another one who was still running in shorts despite the sub zero temperatures as he had to save his money. Well, and right now I'm on my way to donate some blood at the local hospital. (not just for this give away but on a regular basis)

    1. giving feels better than having doesn't it?

  7. We gave a bike to a friend who has a little girl without one.

  8. I have a close friend who I introduced to trail running earlier this summer. I was going through my gearbox and found a spare whole kit for a long backcountry run so I asked Kevin to go on a run one day and surprised him with a pack, hipbelt&water bottle, tech shirt, and a pair of modified Columbia sneakers that have been out of service for me since I got a pair of Lunas. Now all he needs is a new set of lungs and we are good to go.

  9. For my daughter's Africa-themed 4th birthday party, instead of presents we told all of the parents to bring books to donate to Books for Africa (a charity that provides books to children in Africa).

  10. This is an awesome giveaway; thanks for inspiring others to spread some love too. I gave away my old 4Runner (1990, the first car I ever put my own sweat and blood into) to a friend of a friend, who had just been dumped, forced out of the house, and was now jobless because he had no transportation to to his job. His girl and he had been sharing a car, and as a contractor he needed transportation to pick up other employees and supplies. It was awesome to be able to help out someone in that capacity. He even said he wanted to start running with me...bonus!

  11. I gave crocheting lessons, yarn, crochet hooks, and patterns to a bunch of really patient homeschooling boys and their moms. The kids were awesome in their focus and trying to wrangle the yarn into submission.

  12. We donated boxes of books to the local library

  13. My wife and me gave a complete set of crockery (dishes, cups, etc.) to a woman in our neighbourhood yesterday. She'd been divorced from her husband just recently. He had a new wife and still lives in their old flat while the woman had to setup a complete new household.

  14. I'm not sure if this counts, but my wife and I have been giving away 2 rooms in our home. About 18 months ago we had two boys come to stay with us for the summer in order to intern at a non-profit run by a friend of ours. One of them decided to continue on and has been in the room for 18 months. He started paying rent after the first summer, but we give the money (minus a little for utilities) to charities. About 3 months ago another boy started living in the second room and we do the same thing with him. They both found a place closer to work so they will be moving out next month.

  15. In our community we have a bunch of second hand stores, but they still require that you pay. So my favourite place to give away is at the dump. We have this cool shack there where locals can bring items they believe still have a lot of life in them, and anyone from the community is free to take what they want. I think it's a fantastic way to keep things out of the garbage stream, and to actually give the things people need for free. This week we hung up 8 winter coats, a variety of clothing, books, blankets, and decorations. It's a magic shack. It seems that it has just the thing you were looking for when you visit it. This time I got just the right thing to finish my potting table.


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