Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The 3 most Overrated and Pretentious Beers

I write this this post out of boredom and frankly I don't care what the  you drink, you have the right to like whatever the hell you want.  It's okay if you like one of these beers.   You may even be a swell person even though I think  your taste in beer sucks.

If you offer me any of these there beer's I may say 
because if I say "no"people may stop offering me free beer and I don't want take that risk
Please know that you are killing slowly. The taste of these beer fills me with same disgust as watching fox news or two girls sharing one cup.

I do not have a palate for Belgium, sour, cream, white or amber ales.
I am IPA drinker who also drinks plenty piss yellow American and Mexican pilsner and lagers.

I would rather drink warm flat Steel Reserve than any of these three beers.
So without further ado I give you

The 3 most Overrated and Pretentious  Beers.

#3 Fat Tire Ale
It tastes like they  water collected from a parking lot full of rusting Huffy's fermented in an old water bottle by moldy Gatorade residue.

Who drinks this crap?
People who think they use to be cool who are trying to grasp on to memory that doesn't exist

#2 Firestone 805
It taste like water collected from Refugio State beach after an oil spill

Who Drinks this crap?
Just north of Los Angeles lies a community of pretentiousness  people unified by their star bellied Sneetch hatred of anything L.A. other than the Dodgers. If this is what they drink at their frankfurter roasts and marshmallow toasts, I sure as hell didn't want to go anyway.

#1 Blue Moon

It taste like watered down horse piss with a twist of lemon and hint of feces.

Who Drinks this crap?
People who hate beer that know nothing about beer but want to impress their beer drinking buddies.



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  2. Well said, sir Sweeney, Could not agree more

  3. The New Belgium product is Fat Tire ALE, not to be confused with my book on the history of mountain biking, Fat Tire Flyer.

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