Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sport Kilt Review and other Shenanigans

Because a Man in a kilt is a Man and Half.
And if your Lady, Then Well?
A Woman in a Sport Kilt is 1,000 times sexier than a woman in shorts!

Can you say Air Flow?

Why a Sport Kilt ?
 instead of say a tutu?
It's pretty hard to look cool in a tutu, plus they tend to snag when racing on single track trails.

Where should you wear a Sport Kilt?
Anywhere you damn please!
Perfect for work at the office.

What style Sport Kilt do I wear?
 For warm weather, being active, racing and other shenanigans, I wear The Sport Kilt Brand Hiking Kilt.
It's made a very similar material to modern swimming trunks, it's light weight dries fast and does not restrict your body from natural movements.

What else should you wear with your Sport Kilt?
 Luna Sandals and Luna T-shirt
(shamless plug)
or a Bare Chest and Bare feet.
(too bad I'm not a lady eh?)
What a gross thought

What the hell are you gonna do In your Sport kilt?
The very first thing you must do after dawning your kilt is moon your friends!
(It's so easy)
You say you don't have any friends?

Other things to do in a Sports Kilt

How bout a little Frisbee Golf
Kind of like river dancing with a frisbee instead of a river
Sport kilts make you a better frisbee golfer

Air Flow helps keep the putts up

What kind of idiot would wear a Sport kilt in a Race
Someone who has there eye on the prize!
Great for strutting through mud
Going through snow
"Hoes' love to spray dudes" Whoops I mean "Hoses love to spray dudes in Sports Kilts."
Good for  celebrating in after a win.
If you run fast enough you don't even have to lift your kilt to moon the competition.  Temporarily blind your opponents by showing off your snow white arse you can take the early lead.
Also provides good motivation not to slow down so that you keep that arse from getting kicked after showing it off.

Good for running 24 hours through sand
 Barefoot in the rain .
on the side of desert Highway on a 115 degree day.
You say your worried about showing off your junk to the world because your too fast to run in a kilt. Well then why not run at night?
Great for traditional Tarhumara ball races

If you don't like to run I'm sure you can find some other fun things to do like Spear chucking.

Can you drink beer In a Sport Kilt?
Most deffinetly!
Especially if it's Stone Ale Just be careful not to lift your leg to high when someone is taking a picture.
It's also very convenient for taking a leak.
(just point it down and claim what ever territory you want)

What is the best Kilt For Drinking Beer in?
I got me a fancy kilt with buckle's belt loops and pockets.  Each upgrade cost a few bucks and the good people at Sport kilt have almost a an infinite combination of configurations to choose from. It's much heavier than the hiking kilt , has more refined look to it and is very well constructed  The original Sport Kilt starts at $49.50 and is super comfortable and well worth the money.  I do suggest adding pockets  if you can afford it.

If your looking for a last second gift for the Holidays or want to buy a kilt for yourself
coupon code:
to get 12 % off till Feb 1st.
(that is the Number twelve not the letter I)

It works on gift cards as well so that you can give that as a present and let your friend or loved one choose the kilt that suits them best.
Why do I wear a Sport Kilt?
Life's too short not to have fun.


  1. Nice pics and concept, i would love to try running in a kilt in canadian winter :-)

  2. Been wanting a sport kilt for awhile! Looks like fun dude!

  3. @marc: I haven't run in true winter yet but 24F was perfectly comfy in my Hiking kilt.

  4. I would LOVE the Graham tartan kilt! That is my family's clan. :)

  5. Would look awsome on me during winter in Sweden!

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  7. Great pics! You have convinced me that I need another Sport Kilt.

  8. These are great. Thanks for this chance :)

  9. Thank you for the giveaway! I had never heard of these, but they look awesome!

  10. Those look pretty awesome! Would love to win one :-)

  11. This looks so cool and you look really comfy. I'd love to see my husband in this!

  12. OOh, hubby would look so good in this!

    spcale at yahoo dot com

  13. "Temporarily blind your opponents by showing off your snow white arse you can take the early lead."- Hilarious!! I'm a huge fan of my kilt, so I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed this post!

  14. So many uses, so little time! Kilt on !Dr

  15. So many uses, so little time! Kilt on !Dr

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