Monday, November 23, 2015

Luna Sandals Origin Review

I have been running in Luna Sandals pretty much since their inception.  I have seen many different types of sandals come and go many of which were never sold to the public  I have probably raced more miles in Huaraches  than any other gringo.

I have spent most of the year running on roads first running across the entire country mostly in Luna Mono's and then most recently running from the Chicago Marathon to the New York Marathon 900 miles in 20 days wearing mostly Luna Gordo Mono's (review coming soon).

To date this year I have ran over 6,000 miles this year with over half of them in Luna's
Over the last month I finally got a chance to try out the Luna Origin and it has quickly become my favorite sandal.

Since the beginning Luna has wanted to a tire tread sandal.  At first they thought using recycled tire was the answer but after some research they found out that the process of grinding tires and then gluing back together turned out to be worse for the environment than making a totally new product.  (Bummer)
 Manuel Luna and I at the Huisuchi ball race December 2013
Luna's sandals
I can attest that tire does not inherently mean better. It means more durable and less ground feel in the case of the Tarahumara it usually means zero ground feel. The older generation and the more conservative runners tend to wear a very thick tire sole up to an inch thick.  For them a  mold-able sole like that found on the Luna Mono is less desirable for the rigors of everyday life in the canyons.
 I had a pair of tire sandals made for me the first year I went down to to the Copper Canyon back in 2011  by my friend Ignacio  aka
Not all tire is equal and although the the tread is pretty awesome it is way too floppy and is about as useless to me as those sandals I saw on Shark Tank.  But you get what you get and you don't upset.  I still have them.
 I am thankful for the friendship it began with Nacho
Nacho Playing the the Violin 2014.
After years of waiting Luna finally made the perfect tire sandal.  Using an Upcycled Michelin Tire for tread and Vibram mid-sole they created both the most durable Luna ever and the most comfortable tire treaded sandal I have ever worn.
The tread has Natural curve upwards preventing the sandal from feeling floppy while still being very flexable
I recently took them with  me on trip to Urique and this is my initial impression
They are a little heavy, but still lighter that most most trail running shoes or chacos. I don't know if I will end up racing  in them or not. The more I wear them the more I am enjoying the added weight. If speed Is what you after I'd go with the Mono's but for training these are perfect.  When I put on my mono's now they feel weightless
The Origin are a great all purpose sandal. and has quickly become my go to everyday choice of foot wear.
Photo by Mikko Ijäs
If you are looking for a sandal that is built to last look no further.

If you want a second opinion here's what Barefoot Ted has to say
 can be be purchased online or you if you can track me down I have a bunch of pairs to sell at cheaper than retail roving monkey price.
I will be running  in the following event before the year is over.



  1. Hey! Long-time reader, first-time poster. Love all your reviews; very helpful when deciding on which footwear to buy. These seem like the dream. Would love to get at an extra pair you have. I can be reached at


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  3. Hey!

    I usually run in the venados and monos with ATS straps, but I decided to get this pair with the leather straps for hill hikes and tougher trails but i just can't seem to get the knots to stay. I realise you swapped out your laces, is that the reason why?

    the knot on my right side cant seem to hold no matter how tight i do the knot. any tips for that?