Friday, December 7, 2012

Skechers Go Bionic Review and Giveaway

This dude was worth 6 million dollars back in the 70's  Guess what shoe he runs in now?
Watch closely?
Just in case you missed it. This freeze frame at the 1:16 point clearly shows the 6 million dollar man wearing the Skechers Go Bionic.
Even the Bionic Man action figure wears the Go bionic.
If it works for the Six Million Dollars man I wonder if it it will work for a dude a million times less wealthy like myself?

Before I go on to my review here is some mumbo jumbo straight from the Skechers website regarding the Go Bionic

Men's Skechers GObionic Running Shoes

GO like never before in the Skechers GObionic shoe. This zero-drop, ultra-minimal performance running shoe features a design developed using advanced biomechanic innovations inspired by the human body.


  • exoFit construction upper reacts and moves like a second skin, surrounding the foot with supportive and breathable materials
  • Extreme Flexibility with roomy toe box and vamp area along with an articulated sole allows the toes and foot greater freedom of motion
  • Zero Drop design eliminates traditional heel lift so the entire foot remains low to the ground in a more natural position
  • 18 Bio-Responsive Resalyte™ cushioning zones added to key flex points of the foot add protection without compromising responsiveness
  • Decoupled responsive zones linked by ligament-style connectors to permit increased plantar- and dorsiflexion for more natural movement and enhanced feeling
  • Super lightweight and responsive
  • Named 'Editor's Choice' by Runner's World UK - October 2012


  • Ultra lightweight synthetic and mesh fabric upper
  • Lace up zero-drop barefoot-style running shoe
  • Stitching and overlay detail
  • Lace-up front
  • Smooth comfortable interior for barefoot wear
  • Agion® scent protection built in to combat odor causing elements
  • Custom Fit - run with or without 1.7mm removable insole
  • 11.5mm Resalyte™ shock absorbing midsole
  • Water resistant midsole layer
  • M-Strike high abrasion rubber traction pads on sole
  • Weight: 6.0 oz. per shoe in a men's size 9

They retail for $80 
But can be found at 

And now for some legal crap:
Skechers does not pay me (Why would I need money? I already $6 in my wallet)  These opinions are mine and I have come to them with a mostly sober mind and body.  What works for me may or may not work for you. Lastly I do not give my expressed written  consent to the the NFL, the NBA or MLB to republish any of my findings however I do give it the PDGA and anyone else.

My Review


My initial reaction was very positive.  The shoe is extremely light an very flexible.  The upper has a strange suede like feel to it, almost like a through back to to the running shoes of the 70's bu much lighter. 
(perfect for the Bionic man)

I had seen seen a similar sole on some prototypes along time ago and very pleased they stuck with it to make a very worthy minimalist shoe.
It's on of the most flexible soles I have ever worn and is zero drop from heel to toe.

That aint me that's Eric Clifton.

 This dude has won Badwater and once ran 100 miles on a trail in 13 hours and 16 minutes. He knows a thing or two about running and running shoes.  What did he recently choose to run in at the Javalina 100 mile ultra marathon?


Not many of us can run like Eric Clifton (or dress as snazzy).  I wouldn't recommend this shoe for technical trail racing but it's fine for fire roads and moderate trails.  Personally if I were looking for a shoe to race in a top speed I would be more inclined to go with the Go Run.  But for Running at moderate pace I really like the Go Bionic.  It's great for trotting around town or using on the treadmill.  I will have the Go Bionic as a back up plan to my Luna Sandals at this years Across the Years 24 hour Ultra marathon later this month. 

Go Run VS. Go Bionic
When Skechers first came out with the Go Run they made a good shoe for a specific purpose.  "RUNNING"
Now they have a great shoe for everything else.

  The Go Run Sole goes from 14 mm in the heal to 18 in the mid sole to 10 at the toe. It is bit awkward to walk in but helps with runners who struggle to land on their midfoot.
The mid sole of the Go bionic is hardly noticeable and feels very comfortable to move the second you get it on your foot.

Who is this shoe for:

If you are the type of person who love's the Nike free, this shoe is a huge upgrade! It is lighter, has bigger toe box and has zero drop from heel to toe.
It is the perfect cross training "gym shoe" great for exercises where you want to engage the muscles in your feet and lower legs.
If you want your feet to move naturally and you must wear a shoe the Go bionic is great choice for all your everyday activities.

What I like:

1. The extra wide toe box is amazing
2.  Super light
3. Fleaxble sole
4. The comfort of the upper is great, I like the thin tongue the suede like feel of the material and the round laces
5.  I like that it has a removable insole.  If I wear a sock I take it out it run without one I keep it in.
6.  Zero Drop

What I don't like

1. I would prefer the the sole to half as thick and a little stiffer. too much cushioning for me.

2.  I don't like the feel of the shoe when it is wet.  When running through wet grass I could immediately feel the dampness soak through. To be fair Skechers does offer a weather proof version of this shoe for a few dollars more which I have yet to try

3. The insole could be made of better materials. (update It seems the insole I got was a prototype and that they did make them thicker for the production model.

If i must wear a shoe the Go Bionic is now my shoe of choice. But  I don't plan on giving up my Luna Sandals any time soon.  I applaud the designers at Skechers for making a true minimalist shoe. If you are looking for a comfortable light weight shoe  that allows your foot to move naturally the Skechers Go Bionic is a worthy choice.

Right now they can be purchased for as low as $55.99 at

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  1. Hey Patrick, nice review as always! How's the shoe's breathability? My feet sweat a lot (like the rest of me) so it takes a lot of convincing for me to give up my sandals for a pair of shoes.

  2. I'm definitely interested in this shoe. I've put about 100 miles on the original Go Run. Sometimes the bump bothers me, other times I don't feel it. Would be nice to try the Go Ride and Go Bionic to see how they complement the offering. The upper is truly one of the best.

  3. I love my Go Run's but would love to try the Go Bionic for my next shoe! Thanks for the review :)

  4. Cautiously optimistic about the Go Bionic. I'd love for it to be a good running shoe, but if not, then I think it sounds like it would be a great everyday and gym shoe. thanks for the review and the giveaway

  5. Beware! Once you start wearing shoes it's a slippery slope to more shoes, and the next thing you know you'll be wearing Hokas. ;)

  6. Interesting shoe... I just saw these on a friend that was trying them out.. he really liked them. Zero drop and wide is great, but curious about them being too thick and cushioned... but hey, I'll try any shoe once!

  7. The Skechers Gorun Ride is nice for long runs on pavement. The Gobionic does remind me of my old Nike Free 3.

  8. I turned 31 yesterday and I am currently training for my first half marathon.

  9. The Go Bionics are very light and look comfortable. Maybe I'll get a pair for house slippers. How about a review of the new Tabi socks for Luna? Especially for us PNW wet and cold runners.

  10. I've always been afraid of sketchers, mostly because i saw a lot of chunky shoes when i was younger. I'm now intrigued and i might try them out for my trail shoes

  11. Saucony's coming out with a similar shoe called the Virrata. Will be interesting to see how these two shoes compare.

  12. Love your review on skecher and the one of Flint

  13. Love the review, Patrick. Nicely done.

  14. I like that you can remove the inserts!

  15. Nice job with the new blog and the best of luck! Bourbon Feet was fun to read and this seems to be as well.

  16. I've had 3 Nike Free Runs and like them (after removing the insole) so I'm very happy more companies are getting in on the minimalism. Now if only they would be more resonably priced.

  17. I currently run in the Bionics, its a great shoe!

  18. Wide toe box, flexible, zero drop. What more can you ask for?

  19. 14 in GB Trail fits perfectly! Do all models have this last? I want to get skechers road running shoes as well and it's 14 or else! Help! BJ

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