Friday, April 12, 2013

Ultra Aspire ISomeric Pocket review

Ultra Aspire ISomeric Pocket

 When I signed up for my first Ultra many moons ago.  The race website said that runners must carry water. "Who the heck carries water?" I went to REI and purchased my first handheld an Ultimate Direction Fast draw plus.  Since that day I've been that dude  who carries a bottle with me even to go take a dump.  I have stuck with Ultimate direction over the years but have also tried  products  by nathan, new balance, camelback, apphipod but have always come back to Ultimate Direction  (with the Fast Draw Extreme being my favorite.
In 2011 I was at The Running Event in Austin (a running expo with not so clever name) I came across a new Company called Ultra Aspire.  Which I believe was started by the same person that started both ultimate direction and Nathan.  (I could fact check but I don't wanna) Anyway they had some pretty cool looking handhelds (but since I was representing Luna Sandals and not a retailer I couldn't fanagle a free one)

Fast foward to the present day the Running warehouse had some bottles on clearence so I thought I would finally give them a try.

the UltrAspire ISomeric Pocket features an open stretch mesh pocket for a couple gels, keys or smartphone while comfortably carrying an ergonomic 20 oz bottle via a breathable mesh hand attachment that's also good for wiping away sweat. Pull on a simple strap to adjust the fit and notice that your water tastes a little better thanks to a unique internal bottle lining that also makes for easier cleaning.

What I like about the holder
The mesh feels good
It comes in darker coolers so it doesn't look like crap when it gets dirty (unlike the current Ultimate Direction fast draw extreme
Big pocket
It tightens really well around the hand better than any other handheld I have used.

Where can it be improved

The pocket does not seal.  This is adeal breaker for me!  I always carry a single key when I go running or to the gym.  Without having a secure pocket place for my key the bottle is useless to me. I would suggest a small piece of velcro at the top as well as an elastic loop in the pocket to tie a key too (similar to those found in a pocket of swimming trunks
The mesh feels awkward where the mesh ends.  It would be much better if it went around the entire bottle.

The Bottle

What I Like
It holds water
It seals well
Where It Sucks
It is the most difficult bottle I have ever had to open.
Requires two hands
I always run with either two bottles or my T-shirt in the other hand, this bottle can be opened my teeth but it's not easy, the plastic is harder than I would like and I feel like I could chip my tooth if I'm not careful  and I'm not a careful dude.
Maybe I'm being an old fuddy duddy but the slopped bottle always seems to facing the wrong direction even when it is the right direction. I never had a problem before?  It seems like a problem they invented in order to sell a solution
There's a magnet on the bottom of the bottle??? I think I'm gonna pry it off and stick it on the fridge. (maybe that's a bonus) it's just collecting Iron out of the sand on the beach and looks dirty.
I miss the finger loop found on Ultimate Direction's bottles (however Ultra Aspire does sell one seperately)


Well it's not a bad product, in fact its better than most that I have tried.  It holds better on my hand than any hand held I have ever used.  It's nicely constructed and is a good first effort. If it had a kep loop, a sealable pocket, mesh that went around its whole circumfrance and came with Ultimate Direction bottle it would be the best handheld on the market.
Since it doesn't It almost unusable for me I have already changed out the bottle for a Ultimate direction one. But if you can get one clearenced for under $20 it might be worth a try


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