Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jumpstart Bodyfuel Energy Bars Review

When a vegan dude like myself wants a nice healthy treat what do I like to eat?

 First off like  most Americans today I am a glutton!  I love sweets and I was a little fat kid with a horrible diet.  When I was 12 years old I was about 5' tall and weighed over 160 lbs so basically I was a foot shorter and 15 lbs heavier.   I still am a glutton and I still have a sweet tooth.
Nowadays I control the food that are at my disposal to grub upon. I don't stock my pantry with crap foods but I do still have hankering for cookie or baked good every now and then.
(My Favorite)
Whole grain oats, Deglet Noor dates, unsweetened pure organic apple sauce, oat flour, organic agave, coconut extract, grape seed oil, raw cane juice, organic molasses, pure vanilla extract, kosher or sea salt, Xanthan gum.
Jumpstarter Bodyfuel nutrition bars are stirred by hand with spatulas and 4 foot long oars! Hand mixing is a lot of work, but makes a big difference in taste and texture. Mechanical mixers break down nutrients and turn ingredients into a flavorless pulp. This is why Jumpstarter bars don't need to be fortified with synthetic vitamins and minerals, or artificial flavors. Our bars are good complex carbs that are absorbed slowly in the bloodstream. The benefit of this process is that it does not spike your production of insulin, therefore, you get sustained energy. ******* Nutrtion Facts: Serv. size: 1.85oz.(52g), Serv. per Container 1, Calories 130, Cal. from Fat 60, Total Fat7g(DV 10%), Sat Fat 0.5g(DV 3%),Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg (DV 0%), Sodium 180mg (DV 8%),Total Carb. 24g(DV 8%), Dietary Fiber 3g(DV 14%), Sugars 7g, Protein 3g, Iron 8%, Calcium 3%.

Jumpstart Bodyfuel 
energy bars have a texture like no other energy bar I have tried. It has a raw grittiness to it which is  reminiscent to eating raw cookie dough.  It's a yummy treat treat that my body can start metabolizing instantly.  They are great with coffee in the morning good for a snack before or during a long run and even make a good desert especially with a sip of two bourbon.
It is a product I am proud to endorse.   Their owner Linda puts her heart and soul into each batch and really cares about making a quality product for her loyal consumers.

or at most 
Southern California Whole foods  markets.  At the current time distribution to all Whole Foods across the United States is limited to ensure freshness and decrease the need for preservatives.  As the company grows Linda hopes to open a bakery on the East Coast to help expand distribution.
If energy bars aren't your thing they also offer Cookies and will soon offer cupcakes as well.
The cookies cost a little bit less a have little bit more caloric bang for your buck.

Wow look at those muscles!
Ha Ha.
I not gonna promise that they will make you stronger or more fit but if you are looking for fresh tasting healthy vegan source of energy  please give Jumpstart Bodyfuel energy bars a try.


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