Monday, December 3, 2012

Barefoot Running the Movie Review and Giveaway

Why do I need a dvd to learn to run Barefoot?  I don't.  Am I stubborn?  You bettcha!  I'm a trial and error kind of guy who seeks what works for me. Whether that is gonna work for you I don't know we all different.  Can I suffer Injuries running Barefoot ?  Definitely!  Do I love running Barefoot? Yes and I do it almost everyday around 2 to 3 thousand miles a year. I don't know anyone who does it more.

Can you gain valuable insight from a book or this DVD?

Do you "need" a Dvd or Book to teach you
 how to run Barefoot.?
Probably not.
I've always always found it funny how people try teach barefoot running.  There are a few books on the subject written by Friends of mine Barefoot Ken Bob Running Step by Step  hell I 'm even quoted in Jason's book The Barefoot Running Book

For me personally I never had to learn how to run barefoot.  I  have lived at the beach my entire life where people ran barefoot before it became cool. It has always been at least part of my training and everyday life thus I never had to transition.

1st impression
I made the mistake of watching this video for the first time on a nice sunny day I couldn't really get into.  Why? Instead of watching people run barefoot on T.V. I should have already been outside running barefoot.  (nothing to it but to do it.) Most of the info  in the movie seemed like common knowledge to me but I don't think that I am the target demographic.

I decided to watch the video again Video but this time I tried to take the perspective of someone who is new to Barefoot running.  The weather was also horrid outside at the time so I didn't feel too guilty sitting on my ass.

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What I like
1. The dvd keeps a pretty mellow vibe and Jessica and Michael are smiling most of the time.

2. If you like drills there a few in the dvd they are worth giving a try if your in to that sort of thing.

3. The emphasis on massaging the feet,  (this should be done everyday in my opinion.)

 Quote: Ichiro Suzuki (the best baseball player I have ever seen play the game)
"If your feet are healthy, you're healthy."

4. The video is not dogmatic against wearing shoes. Barefoot running is good tool to incorporate into your training, you can wear shoes if you want and don't have to go barefoot all the time but if you choose to go barefoot more power to you

5. It is set in Maui! How can you not like Maui.  The scenery is beautiful and so is Michael Sandler's wife Jessica Lee.

What I would like to see in the next video

1. running on tired legs.  it's easy to run barefoot and land soft when your full of energy but I would like to see  some footage of their form say 3 or 4 hours into a barefoot run and see if it differs.

2. More emphasis on grounding,  massage, and hitting pressure points.

3.  More on the dangers of running with numb feet and warnings about pain/foot damage being masked by adrenaline during high intensity running.

Who is this video for?

1.If you are someone new to Barefoot running and are excited about the concept but apprehensive about getting into then this video may be for you.

2. Good for people who need to be told what to do. With barefoot running you would think most people would adjust their stride if they feel discomfort.  But many don't.

3.  If you have annoying relatives that keep you grief about the dangers of glass, needles and dog poop.  Maybe this video will shut them up for awhile.

4. If you want to impress old people even if you don't run barefoot tell them this is what you do and have them watch the video.

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  1. Hey Patrick, I'd love to see you write a book on barefoot or near-barefoot (sandal) running. Or maybe put on a barefoot running clinic - if you do, I'll buy you dinner and beer afterwards. Think about it :-) Cheers!

  2. I am going through a hip injury right now & have been contemplating picking this DVD up...getting a free copy would be even better of course. Love the blog!

  3. I didn't know there was a movie for this!